Meaning of Eidul-Fitr, And Eidul-Adha In Islam

In this post we have provided you the meaning of eidul-fitr and eidul-adha in islam and its celebrating day.

Meaning of Eidul- Fitr

Meaning of eidul- fitr: Eidul- fitr  Is the festival at the of ramadan, ramadan is the special month because it is when the Muslims fast they look forward to eidul- fitr very much.

Before festival begins Muslims give money for the five fundamental pillars of islam.

Al eidulh fitr the idea is that, every one should have enough money to be able to celebrate the festival no matter how poor they are.

The festival begins they are new moon appears eid,  because it shows new month has began.

To go to bed that night instead they meet their friends out side and watch for the new moon, then they  enjoy meeting for prayers and perties.

Celebrating Eidul- Fitr

The festival begins in the morning everyone goes to the mosque for special prayers, when everyone thanks Allah that they have been able fast successfully for the month of ramadan, After the prayers, people meet family and friends in each others homes.

It is often when people who have not seen and talk. many Muslims quiet long time can meet and talk. Many Muslims celebrate eidul- fitr with perties  especially for children.

People often give each other presents cards, there are special cakes and sweets, and many people have new clother because it is every happy time.

Meaning of Eidul- Adha

Eidul- Adha: the eidul- adha is two months after eidul- fitr, It is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. But it is the important for the Muslims who are on hajj, they are celebrate the festival at minna.

Eidul- adha is the time when Muslims remember a story from the Qur’an it tells how prophet Ibrahim (A. S) almost sacrificed his son Ismail so that his life should be given to Allah just in time, Ibrahim heared a voice telling him don’t do this, He had proud that  he would obey Allah for killing his son was not necessary.

Prophet Ibrahim killed a ram instead and this was the beginning of the festival.

Celebrating Eidul- Adha

At eidul- adha  Muslims sacrifices or share in the sacrifice of a sheep or goat, special prayers are set as the animals is killed, so that their life is given to Allah, Muslims says that is a sign that they took are ready to give up every thing for Allah like any animals that Muslims eat, it must be killed in a special way, all the blood is drained away so that the meat be come  legal, the meat  from the sacrificed animals is shared and its always given to the poor Muslims.

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