Meaning of Water, Types, lmportance, And its Physical Properties

Meaning of Water, Types, importance, And its Physical Properties

In this post you will read the meaning of water, types, importance, and its physical properties.

Meaning of Water

Water: Is the abundant chemical substances in the world, and it cover 70% of the earth surface, water is not only used all over the world in lerge quantity for drinking, and washing.

Types of Water

  1. Natural Water
  2. Treated Water

1. Natural Water: Is a water that is naturally and it include: Rain, well, river, and sea water.

2. Treated Water: Is the purest of form of natural, because is found  in the condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere.

Physical properties of Water

  1. Water is colour less, odour less, and test less.
  2. Water is freezes at  zoro (0) degree selcious.
  3. Water is boiled at hundred (100) degree selcios under atmospheric pressure.
  4. Water  has no effect on litmoss paper.

Importance of Water

There are two (2) main importance of water as follow:

  1. Biological Impotance
  2. Economic Importance

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