Neco Civic Education Question And Answers 2023

Neco Civic Education Question And Answers 2023.

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1.Nigeria became a republic in

A. 1960

B. 1963
C. 1966
D. 1967
E. 1979.

2. The legal entitlement enjoyed by ccitizens is

A. Authority

B. Duty
C. Privilege
D. Protection
E. Right.

3. At what stage of human development is first time drug abuse prevalent.
A. Adolecsence
B. Infancy
C. Menopause
D. Old age
E. Retirement.

4. Which of the following is a hindrance to youth empowerment programme.
A. Adequate funding
B. Availability of machineries
C. Continuity of government programme
D. Divers political interest
E. Stable political system.

5. Freedom of expression and publication can be grouped under_______rights.
A. Civic
B. Civil
C. Economic
D. Political
E. Social

6. Being in different towards the political affairs of one’s state is
A. Acculturation
B. Apathy
C. Education
E. Socialization.

7. Self reliance is an example of ______participation in the society.
A. Cultural
B. Economic
C. Political
D. Religious
E. Social

8. Rule of law signifies.
A. Absence of legal trial.
B. Immunity for governors
C. Obedience to constituted authority
D. Supremacy of the constitution
E. Supremacy of the legislature.

9. The major cause of road accidents is
A. Bad weather
B. Distraction
C. Illetracy
D. Over speeding
E. Traffic congestion

10. Which of the following destroys inter personal relationship.
A. Care
B. Coppntentment
C. Deceit.
D. Peace
E. Tolerance

11. HIV/AIDS can be contacted through
A. Abstinence
B. Using un sterilized instruments.
C. Faithful ness to one’s ppartner
D. Transfusion of screened blood
E. Withdrawals method.

12. Which of the following is an attributes of a disciplined society?
A. Apathy
B. Ethnicism
C. Idleness
D. Indolence
E. Perseverance

13. Value that is cherished by the society is
A. Gratitude
B. Exploitation
C. Masquerading
D. Trafficking
E. Vandalism

14. And economic system in which private individuals control the means
Of production is
A. Capitalism
B. Communalism
C. Communism
D. Naturalism
E. Socialism

15. Respect for law and order is a display of ones
A. Commitment
B. Diligence
C. Loyalty
D. Obedience
E. Support

16. The instinct responsible for voting activities in Nigeria is
A. Independent National Electoral Commission
B. Nigeria correctional service
C. Standard organization of Nigeria
D. National orientation agency
E. National population commission

17. The federal road safety commission was established in
A. 1986
B. 1987
C. 1988
D. 1989
E. 1990

18. The principles separation of powers cannotes
A. Parliamentary system of government
B. A presidential system of government
C. Distribution of function among the tiers of government
D. Rights and obligation of citizens
E. The dominance of an organ of government.

19. Which of the following organization is statutority established to check
Mate the activities of Indian hemp smokers in Nigeria.
A. Independent corrupt practices and other related offences commission.
B. National agency for food and drugs administration and control
C. National drugs law enforcement agency
D. National emergency management agency.
E. National orientation agency.

20. The best way promote responsible parents hood is through
A. Extended family meetings
B. Population control measures
C. Proper orientation
D. Sex education
E. Tax reduction measures

21. HIV/AIDS is dangerous within the medical circle because it is
A. Avertable
B. Curable
C. Incurable
D. Manageable
E. Preventable.

22. Democracy originated from
A. America
B. Britain
C. France
D. Greece
E. Portugal

23. A civil society organization is said to be partisan when
A. Creating awereness
B. Exposing corrupt practices in government
C. Monitoring conduct of elections
D. Promoting human rights violation
E. Serving as a link between government and the public

24. In employment in Nigeria is largely caused by
A. Dependency of foreign goods
B. Establishment of small scale industries
C. Involvement of citizens in skill acquisition programmes
D. Provision of credit parcilities to manufacturers
E. Responsible governance

25. Drug trafficking in Nigeria can be curtailed through
A. Greed
B. Ignorance
C. Orientation
D. Poverty
E. Un employment.

26. The major aim of the nationalist movement in Nigeria was to propagate
A. Apartheid and segregation
B. Cultural alienation
C. Economic exploitation
D. Political independence
E. Political suppression

27. To ensure peace and stability in the society_________should be encouraged.
A. Inequality
B. Justice
C. Marginalization
D. Nepotism
E. Restiveness

28. A responsible parent is one who
A. Allows children engage in unsupervised activities
B. Care and provides for the needs of the family
C. Delegates house chores to outsiders
D. Does not allow children play
E. Engage children to hawk.

29. Involving people in the decision making of the state is the focus of _____participation.
A. CCultural
B. Intellectual
C. Judicial
D. Political
E. Religious

30. The original intent of confraternities in higher institutions in Nigeria was to promote
A. Foreign culture
. B. Literary ccreativity
C. Political apathy
D. Regional difference
E. Social advancement.

31. Civil society groups can gain more support when people are.
A. Dominated
B. Intimidated
C. Manipulated
D. Motivated
E. Segregated.

32. The________ cardre is the highest level in the public service.
A. Administrative
B. Clerical
C. Executive
D. Managerial
E. Professional.

33. The administrative unit of government that feels with the planning and
Implementation of policies is the .
A. Civil service
B. Labour union
C. Political party
D. Pressure group
E. Public corporation.

34. which of the following is an economic right? Right to
A. A contest election
B. Earn a living
C. Family life
D. Peaceful assembly
E. Public office.

35. Positive value Can be encouraged when reward and punishment are:
A. Administered
B. Discouraged
C. Discussed
D. Endorsed
E. Withheld

36. The main objective of political party is to
A. Campaign during election
B. Educate voters
C. Gain political power
D. Organise rallies
E. Receive funds from INEC.

37. The inflow of of narcotic substances in to Nigeria can be controlled through:
A. Corrupt practices among officias.
B. Inadequete funding
C. Poor staffing
D. Porous borders
E. Value orientation.

38. The structure of legislative arms at the state level in Nigeria is
A. Bicameral
B. Confederal
C. Federal
D. Unicameral
E. Unitary.

39. Adherence to rules and regulations will lead to
A. Authority
B. Comportment
C. Obedience
D. Orderliness
E. Power.

40. Government can stop human trafficking by
A. Barning foreign trips
B. Creating job opportunities
C. Encouraging girls-child discrimination
D. Engaging un qualified officers
E. Widening the poverty gap.

41. To encourage citizens to take part in political activities, there should be
A. One party system
B. Good governance
C. Imposition of candidates
D. Rigging and manipulation of votes
E. Thuggery during electioneering.

42. The category of citizen bestowed on an abandoned child is
A. Adoption
B. Descent
C. Honorary
D. Naturalization
E. Registration.

43. The universal declaration of human rights document was officially ratified
By ________member nations
A. 38
B. 47
C. 48
D. 50
E. 54

44. The negative value among the following is
A. Integrity
B. Justice
C. Pride
E. Selflessness.

45. The daniel.of an individual is voting rights is
A. Deformation
B. Devolution
C. Disenchantment
D. Disenfranchisement
E. Dis qualifications.

46. Which of the following substances are illegal in Nigeria
A. Alcohol
B. Codeine
C. Nicotine
D. Tobacco
E. Tramadol

47. The color that signifies the senate chambers in Nigeria is:
A. Blue
B. Green
C. Red
D. White
E. Yellow.

48. Citizen ship by naturalization in Nigeria can be denied if the applicant
A. Attains twenty-one years
B. Has questionable characters
C. Resides in Nigeria for a period of fifteen years.
D. Shows willingness to make positive contribution to the country.
E. Takes oath of allegience.

49. The constitution of Nigeria allows citizen of ________years and above to vote.
A. 14
B. 18
C. 21
D. 25
E. 35.

50. Active involvement In the affairs and decisions making of the state defines.
A. Political apathy
B. Popular participation
C. Public service
D. Representative democracy
E. Rule of law.

51. In Nigeria________is not a reason for human trafficking
A. Corruption
B. Greed
C. Poverty
D. Tourism
E. Unemployment.

52. The constitutional responsibility of the independent National electoral commission
To conduct
A. Election of party executive
B. General poll
C. National sensus
D. Primary election
E. Registration of party members.

53. The agencies vested with the authority to conduct census in Nigeria as
A. Code of conduct bureau
B. Independent national electoral commission
C. National bureau of statistics
D. National commission for refugges
E. National population commission

54. The benefit of honesty is to
A. Attractive God’s punishment
B. Bring dis respect
C. Bring self fulfilment
D. Destroy one’s image
E. Promote illegal activities.

55. Which of the following is considered a duty of a citizen?.
A. Law marking
B. Obedience to rule and regulations
C. Protection of lives and property
D. Provision of employment
E. Provision of social amenities.

56. Drug is abused when it is
A. Always available
B. Given to a patient
C. Illegally administered
D. Sold by trained personal
E. Used to prevent illnesses

57. A political party flag bearer emerges through
A. Electoral college
B. General election
C. Primary election
D. Refrendum
E. Re-run.

58. Maintenance of law and order rests mainly with the
A. Electorate
B. Executive
C. Judiciary
D. Legislature
E. People.

59. The following categories of students are usually the tergets for cult membership.
A. Fun-loving students
B. Irresponsible students
C. Morally sound students
D. Students with high IQ’s
E. Students from influential homes.

60. A state of emergency is declared by government in order to
A. Encourege freedom of movement
B. Encourege freedom of the press
. c. Reduce dependence on government
D.restore law and order
E. Suspend part of the constitution.



1.Enumurate and discuss five examples of orderliness

2. List and explain five types of inter personal relationship.

3. Explain five ways of improving the public service in Nigeria

4.Discuss five effects of drug abuse and addiction in our society.


5a. What is civic duty
b. Examine four duties and obligation of a citizen

6. Write short note on any three of the following:
I. Selflessness
II. Integrity
III. Contentment
IV. Cooperation
V. Justice

7a. Define traffic regulation
b. Analyze four example of traffic regulation

8. List five function of each of the following organs of government
I. The executive
II. The legislature
III. The judiciary.

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