NUJ Demands Immediate End to Killings and Kidnappings in Zamfara State 

NUJ Demands Immediate End to Killings and Kidnappings in Zamfara State

The Zamfara State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has vocalized its strong demand for the Federal and State governments to take urgent measures in putting an end to the ongoing wave of merciless killings and kidnappings within the state.

This distressing situation has left citizens unable to sleep peacefully, emphasizing the pressing need for effective action. 

Escalating Insecurity Threatens Zamfara State’s Peace

The Zamfara State Council of the NUJ has expressed deep concern over the escalating insecurity crisis that has engulfed the state.

The council highlights the alarming behavior of terrorists, who appear to operate with impunity, as if there is an absence of government intervention.

Urgent Call for Government Intervention

In a jointly-signed communique by the council’s chairman, Comrade Ibrahim Musa Mazere, and secretary, Comrade Ibrahim Ahmad Gada, the NUJ urges both the Federal and State government to intensify their efforts in finding a lasting solution to this teething insecurity problem.

The safety and security of the innocent people residing in Zamfara State are paramount, and immediate action is imperative.

Policies to Alleviate Suffering and Ensure Security

Recognizing the responsibility of the State Government, the NUJ calls for the prompt development of comprehensive policies aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the common masses.

Urgent attention should be directed towards designing and implementing effective strategies that will not only curb security challenges but also improve the living conditions of the people.

Collaboration and Accountability for Enhanced Security

The union acknowledges Governor Dauda Lawal’s commendable resolve to establish a State Security Trust Fund as part of the administration’s multifaceted approach to tackle the issue of insecurity.

In addition, the NUJ advises the State government to establish a security committee comprising of traditional leaders, retired security personnel, and relevant stakeholders.

This collaborative approach will harness diverse expertise and ensure accountability in the security sector.

Transforming Zamfara’s Agricultural Sector

To further enhance the socio-economic development of Zamfara State, the Council emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the agricultural sector. The provision of essential inputs and incentives to support farmers in their legitimate endeavors is crucial. By empowering this sector, the State government can improve food security, stimulate economic growth, and create opportunities for the populace.

Recognition of the State Government’s Achievements

The NUJ lauds the State Government, under the leadership of Governor Dauda Lawal, for its prompt clearance of the three-month backlog of workers’ salary arrears and timely payment of pensions within the first month of its tenure.

This steadfast commitment to addressing the welfare of civil servants is commendable and reflects the sincerity of the administration.

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In conclusion, the NUJ strongly emphasizes the immediate need for the Federal and State governments to prioritize the safety and well-being of the people of Zamfara State.

With concerted efforts, collaboration, and well-designed policies, it is possible to tackle the current state of insecurity and restore peace to the region.

The NUJ stands ready to support the government’s initiatives while urging expeditious action to safeguard the lives of innocent citizens.

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