The Purpose of Islam, and children Right In Islam

The Purpose of Islam, and children Right In Islam 

In this post, you will read about the purpose of islam, and children right in islam.

Purpose Of Islam

There are for main purpose of Islam as follows:

  1. To bring peace among the people because the Qur’an is a heavenly message and programme of our lives. Allah in his Marcy share this book of light and guidance to man kind through his prophet.
  2. For worshiping to a single live God (Allah) as there is no God but him mentioned in the Qur’an and he is the one who created us.
  3. To show the right path to the people
  4. To show how to live in peace
  5. Prohet muhammad (S .A .W)  said I have been sent to perpect the best of manners.

Children Right In Islam

In islam there are six (6) right that should be given to the children.

  1. Children have the right to their for clothes, Education, And protection until they reach adults hood, to about hood protection means, protection against moral and physical harms.
  2. Parents should give a good names to their childrens.
  3. Is the responsibility of parents to develop their child responsibility in all fields.
  4. Children need to be loved, kissed and social treatment by their parents.
  5. Parents should not support to spent all what they have on their children, but they should save for their children they die, in order the children not to suffer enough in their lives.
  6. Is the responsibility of parents to teach their  children with a good manner.

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