Waec Physics Practical Specimen 2023

WAEC Physics Practical Specimen 2023: Guidelines and Instructions

WAEC Physics Practical Specimen 2023: The WAEC Physics Practical examination is an essential component of the Physics examination, allowing students to showcase their practical skills and understanding of key concepts.

In the 2023 examination, candidates will encounter three different questions, each requiring specific apparatus and adherence to regulations.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, providing instructions for each question and highlighting important guidelines for conducting the practical test successfully.

Question 1: Mass and Spring Experiment

For this experiment, the following apparatus is required:

A load of mass 100g labeled as P

A load of mass 20g labeled as Q

A set of masses (40g, 50g, 60g, 70g, and 80g)

Metre rule

100cm piece of string


Helical spring

Retort stand set-up

Knife edge

Question 2: Reflection Experiment

In this experiment, candidates will need the following apparatus:

A rectangular block (glass or Perspex) measuring at least 10cm×9cm

Drawing sheet

Drawing board

Four optical pins

Drawing pins

Triangular prism

Half-meter rule

Plane mirror

Question 3: Electrical Experiment

The third question involves electrical measurements. The apparatus required includes:

1Ω standard resistor labeled R





Source of emf, E=2F

Ten connecting wires

Resistance box


Metre bridge

Conducting the Practical Physics Test:

Candidates should be informed that if they are unable to proceed with an experiment after spending 15 minutes, they can seek assistance.

The Physics Teacher may provide a hint to a candidate facing difficulties in proceeding with the experiment.

The following regulations must be strictly followed:

(a) Hints should not be announced to the candidates as a whole.

(b) Candidates requiring assistance should approach the teacher and state their difficulties, with the understanding that the Examiner will be informed.

(c) Any assistance given to candidates should be noted on the Report Form, including the candidate’s name and index number.

Report Forms:

6. Report Forms will be provided separately, and it is essential to include the following information:

(a) Detailed information about the apparatus used, where necessary.

(b) Any specific difficulties experienced by candidates that may not be apparent from their scripts.

(c) Any unavoidable departures from the specified items.

(d) Assistance given to candidates under the regulations outlined above.

When different sets of apparatus are provided for a question, each piece must be clearly marked with letters (A, B, C, etc.) and correspondingly reported on the Report Form, indicating which apparatus was supplied to each candidate.

Candidates should also record these letters in their scripts.

Each envelope of scripts must contain a completed Report Form.

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The WAEC Physics Practical examination requires candidates to demonstrate their practical skills and knowledge in various experiments.

By following the provided instructions and adhering to the regulations, candidates can approach the examination with confidence.

It is crucial for both candidates and examiners to understand and comply with the guidelines to ensure a fair and successful practical test. Best of luck to all the candidates undertaking the WAEC Physics Practical 2023!

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