What Is Fasting, People That Exempted From Fasting, Nature Of Angel, And Articles of Faith

What Is Fasting, People That Exempted From Fasting,  Nature Of Angels, And Articles of Faith.

In this post, you will read What Is Fasting,People That Exempted From Fasting, Nature Of Angels, And Articles of Faith.

What Is Fasting

Fasting: Is the keeping away from eating, drinking, smoking, and sexual inter course from down to sun set

People that Exempted From Fasting

There are six (6) people that are exempted from fasting are as follow:

  1. A pregnant woman
  2. A nursing mother
  3. An age person
  4. A menstruation woman
  5. A traveler in a lerge journey
  6. An infant baby

The Nature Of Angels

Angels where inpated by Allah as a different of being from mankind , while man was created from clay, and angel where created from light, there mode of existence is there not like that of man. How ever, when Allah send an angels to convey his messenger to human beings, the angels may take the form of a human being as seen in (an-nawawis  forty Hadith No 2). Angels on like man are created in the Qur’an (66:6).

Articles Of Faith

There are six (6) article of Faith that every Muslims should believe with.

A believer can nullify his faith if he has adoupt over his believing in this articles or principles, Among the articles are as follow:

  1. Believe in Almighty god
  2. Believe in angels of Allah
  3. Believe in prophets of Allah
  4. Believe in holy books that revealed by Allah
  5. Believe in the last day of judgment
  6. Believe in destiny, weither it is good or bad.

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