What is Hajj, Types, Pillars, And obligatory Act

What is Hajj, Types, Pillars, And obligatory Act

In this page, you read about what is hajj, types of hajj, pillars of hajj and obligatory act of hajj.

What is Hajj?

Hajj is a secret hajj performed by the Muslims at the holy mosque (masjidul haram) in makkah saudi arabia.

It is one of the five (5) fundamental pillars of islam, and take place during the month of dhul hajji, the twelve (12) in the Islamic calendar.

Types of Hajj

There are three (3) types of hajj namely:

1. Hajj ifraad

2. Hajj Qiraan

3. Hajj Tamattu’i

Pillars of hajj

The pillars of hajj According to the opinions of majority of the schoolers are:

1. Ihram

2. Standing at Arafat

3. Tawaf al-ifada

4. Sa’ayi between safa and marwa

Obligatory Act of Hajj

1. Ihram must start at the shari’ah approve meeqat, the prophet said “these meeqat are for the people for those places and those who come to those places with the intention of performing hajj and umrah.”

2. Standing at arafat until sunset for those who stood during days as the prophet did so and said “learn your rituals from me.”

3. Spending the night as musdalifah on the night of an-nahr (night of the tenth 10th day of dhul hajj).

4. Spending the night at the day of tashreeq in minnah but the prophet said”its not obligatory if there is excuse is obligatory.”

5. Stoning the jamrah (it must be on the day of eidul kabeer).

6. Cutting off hair or shaving of head

7. Farewell Tawaf (the prophet commanded all the pilligrims to circumanbulate the ka’abah except the menstruation woments).

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