What Is Intoxicants, And Effect Of Drinking Alcohol In Islam

In this post, we have provided answer to what is intoxicants, Effect of alcohol, and punishment of taking intoxicants in islam.

What Is Intoxicants?

Intoxicants: the islamic prohibition of intoxicants cover all kind of drinks and drug, which change a person mental state and behaviors. Which includes:

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Spirit
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis
  • Indian hemp
  • Glue snipping
  • Amphetamines.

And other drugs which may have genuine medical use but are converted to intoxicants by drug abusers.

Effect of Alcohol.

The dangers of alcohol and drugs are many which includes:

1. They cause the person to feel and believe differently, he forgot Allah, and he forgot his prayers and his sense of right and wrong.

2. In his condition he is liable to believe violently, commit and adultary or even murder. Drunkness is very common cause and accident on rhe road, at home and in other places of work. Many innocent people are killed by drunking or druged drivers.

3. Accidental over dose of alcohol andor drug can poison the body and kilt a person in a short tine.

Regular use of alcohol and drugs is also a slow poison causing many disease, particularly a liver diseases, brain damage and all in the case of the pregnant woman damage to the unborn child, its usually end in early death, drug takere are more over in particular danger from the will er disease (AIDs).

4. Alcohol and drugs being addictive, many people come to depend on a regular supply.

They feel they can not live without drinking, swallowing, snipping or injection at regular intervals, since this habit is expensive many drunkers and drugs addicts resort to stealine, mugging and other crime in order to get money to pay for their next dose.

5. The alcohol or drugs addicts is un able to carry out his job properly and is likely to be dismissed.He quareed with his familie,abuse and beat up his wife and children, and his marriage often ends in divorce and destruction of all that could give him peace of mind and satisfaction in life.

6. Its very difficult to care addicts, in many cases they refuse to take treatment until its too late, their body and minds became so dependant on the drug that if they suffer (withdrawal symptoms)and there is high rate of failure to obtain a permanent cure.

These fact about the use of alcohol abd and drugs are reflected in the verse of the glorious Qur’an and prophetic teachings of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

Punishment of Taking Intoxicants In Islam.

The punishment under the Shari’ah for taking intoxicants is eighty lashes (80). This punishment act as a strong different in stopping a person from getting addicted to intoxicants before the addiction and its social consequences reach and advanced stage.

All these measures has helped to protect the Muslims world from the scourge of alcohol and drugs which are a social and economic life in some countries.

Inspite of the fact that very few Muslims countries are applying the shari’ah punishment for taking intoxicants, awereness of the religious prohibition is still strong and obstensition is the norm.

The prohibition of intoxicants in Islam was revealed by stages in the Qur’an , First there come  a warning that the evil of intoxicants was greater than their benefits.

Next come another warning not to approach prayer while drunk. These verse of the Qur’an has the effect of making Muslims to understand that the intoxicants were harmful and displeasing to Allah, and many pirus Muslims in the ealy.

Days of islam stop talking them from this time.

The final and total prohibition of intoxicants was revealed in madinah and met with an immediate response Muslims poured away their remaining wail in the street and broke all their containers.

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