What Is Public Service, And Public Complain Commission

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What Is Public Service

Public service: This is the administrative unit of government day today operations, and activities are carried out for the smooth operation of the government.

Characteristics Of Public Service

There are four (4) main characteristics of public service as follow:

1. They exist for reasons of  policy

2. They provide service to the public

3. They are re-distributive

4. They act as a trust.

Examples Of Public Service Organization.

1. Health care

2. Waste removal and transportation

3. Police station

4. Schools

5. Water board

Functions of Of Public Service

The following are some of the functions of public service:

1. It create employment oppurtunity

2. It performes deligated or legislative functions.

3. It provide essential service at cheaper rate

4. It act government agent to the general public.

Ways of Improving Public Service In Nigeria.

The following are are some ways that develop the public service sector of Nigeria:

1. Refreshor causes

2. Teaching of political education in schools.

3. Use of code of conduct bureau

Public Complaint Commission

Public Complaint Commission: This is a commission with power to enquire in to complaint by the members of the public, concerning with the  administration of any public or other company or that is official recognized.

Method Of Making Complaint

Complain are usually made through the following cretaria:

1. Oral report

2. Delivery of report by post

3. Delivery of report by hand

4. Transmission of report by other means of communication such as : telephone, e.t.c.

The public complaint commission has the power to investigate complaint against public authorities, individuals, and private bodie.

The complain received must fall under  the following categories:

1. None payment of gratuity and pension

2. Compulsory acquisition of kind and tresure with out adequate contensation

3. Illegal termination of appointment

4. In paid and delay wadges

5. Delay of action by security personal

6. Delay of examination results and left delivery of certificate by( WAEC).

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